Develop . Run . Manage

inTouch started and still is a software house with the best and talented people working here. We are very focus in providing Loyalty System development for corporations. We are also a Merchant Aggregator with the largest merchant networks in Indonesia. Combining all these technical expertise we can provide you with the truly comprehensive End-to-end Loyalty Solutions.

Building a Loyalty System is beyond system development per se. It takes years of experiences such as the flows and logics, the existing and new technology, the industry standard, connection to third party partners once the system is completed; Moreover, how to maintain your offering catalogue attractive with popular merchants and products, because in the end your loyalty will only work if its appreciated by your customers.

Here with inTouch, we will guide you every step of the way to give the consultation of the best practice in the industry, from building and developing your system, providing suitable platforms as the customer’s touch point, up to connection to popular merchants across Indonesia. Simply put, we are a one stop solutions for your loyalty program.

inTouch is the is the company behind some of the high-profile loyalty programs in Indonesia such as: Allianz Smart Point (Allianz), AXA MORE (AXA), Alfagift (Alfamart), FWD MAX (FWD), HP Hero (HP), Shell Club Smart (Shell), Samsung Galaxy Gift (Samsung), Manulife MiMovePoints (Manulife), to name a few. 

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